Here are all of the models currently in the database for this manufacturer, drive width, and category. Entries are sorted into sections based on platter density, and then manufacturer drive family.

Some tips:

Drives using odd sizes are sorted into whatever size category that's closest. For example, drives using 150GB platters are sorted into the 160GB/platter section, and drives using 200GB platters are sorted into the 250GB/platter section.
The total capacity of the drive is shown beside each drive model.
A platter-head ratio is shown next to the total capacity tag in brackets. For example, a drive with a (1/2) ratio has one disk and two read/write heads. Drives that leave some amount of their platters unused in order to fit into a certain capacity (such as a 320GB drive based on a 500GB platter and two heads, which would have ~180GB space unusable) are marked as [short-stroked] next to the platter-head ratio accordingly.
Any special features (increased rotational speed, interface types, unusual platter designs and stuff like that) are noted where necessary.

This section was last updated on 07/07/2015.

120-133GB/platter Section (all drives under here use platters that can hold 120-133GB of data apiece.)

SV35 (7200RPM, ATA-100 interface)

ST3250824AV 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3500641AV 500GB (16MB Cache) (4/8)

SV35 (7200RPM, SATA-300 interface)

ST3250824SV 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3500641SV 500GB (16MB Cache) (4/8)

DB35 (7200RPM, ATA-100 interface)

ST3200826ACE 200GB (8MB Cache) (2/3)
ST3250823ACE 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3300831ACE 300GB (8MB Cache) (3/5 [short-stroked])
ST3400832ACE 400GB (8MB Cache) (3/6)

DB35 (7200RPM, SATA-150 interface)

ST3200826SCE 200GB (8MB Cache) (2/3)
ST3250823SCE 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3300831SCE 300GB (8MB Cache) (3/5 [short-stroked])
ST3400832SCE 400GB (8MB Cache) (3/6)

DB35.2 (7200RPM, ATA-100 interface)

ST3802110ACE 80GB (2MB Cache) (1/2 [short-stroked])
ST3120213ACE 120GB (2MB Cache) (1/2)
ST3200827ACE 200GB (8MB Cache) (2/3)
ST3250824ACE 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3400833ACE 400GB (8MB Cache) (3/6)
ST3500841ACE 500GB (8MB Cache) (4/8)

DB35.2 (7200RPM, SATA-300 interface)

ST3802110SCE 80GB (2MB Cache) (1/2 [short-stroked])
ST3120213SCE 120GB (2MB Cache) (1/2)
ST3200827SCE 200GB (8MB Cache) (2/3)
ST3250824SCE 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3400833SCE 400GB (8MB Cache) (3/6)
ST3500841SCE 500GB (8MB Cache) (4/8)

160-188GB/platter Section (all drives under here use platters that can hold 160-188GB of data apiece.)

SV35 (7200RPM, ATA-100 interface)

ST3160812AV 160GB (8MB Cache) (1/2)

SV35 (7200RPM, SATA-300 interface)

ST3160812SV 160GB (8MB Cache) (1/2)

SV35.2 (7200RPM, ATA-100 interface)

ST3160815AV 160GB (8MB Cache) (1/2)
ST3250820AV 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/3)
ST3320620AV 320GB (16MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3500630AV 500GB (16MB Cache) (3/6)
ST3750640AV 750GB (16MB Cache) (4/8)

SV35.2 (7200RPM, SATA-300 interface)

ST3160815SV 160GB (8MB Cache) (1/2)
ST3250820SV 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/3)
ST3320620SV 320GB (16MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3500630SV 500GB (16MB Cache) (3/6)
ST3750640SV 750GB (16MB Cache) (4/8)

DB35.2 (7200RPM, ATA-100 interface)

ST3160212ACE 160GB (2MB Cache) (1/2)
ST3300822ACE 300GB (8MB Cache) (2/4 [short-stroked])

DB35.2 (7200RPM, SATA-300 interface)

ST3160212SCE 160GB (2MB Cache) (1/2)
ST3300822SCE 300GB (8MB Cache) (2/4 [short-stroked])

DB35.3 (7200RPM, ATA-100 interface)

ST380215ACE 80GB (2MB Cache) (1/1)
ST3160215ACE 160GB (2MB Cache) (1/2)
ST3250820ACE 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/3)
ST3300820ACE 300GB (8MB Cache) (2/4 [short-stroked])
ST3320820ACE 320GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3500830ACE 500GB (8MB Cache) (3/6)
ST3750840ACE 750GB (8MB Cache) (4/8)

DB35.3 (7200RPM, SATA-300 interface)

ST380215SCE 80GB (2MB Cache) (1/1)
ST3160215SCE 160GB (2MB Cache) (1/2)
ST3250820SCE 250GB (8MB Cache) (2/3)
ST3300820SCE 300GB (8MB Cache) (2/4 [short-stroked])
ST3320820SCE 320GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3500830SCE 500GB (8MB Cache) (3/6)
ST3750840SCE 750GB (8MB Cache) (4/8)
ST3750640SCE 750GB (16MB Cache) (4/8)

200-250GB/platter Section (all drives under here use platters that can hold 200-250GB of data apiece.)

SV35.3 (7200RPM, SATA-300 interface)

ST3250310SV 250GB (8MB Cache) (1/2)
ST3500320SV 500GB (32MB Cache) (2/4)
ST3750330SV 750GB (32MB Cache) (3/6)
ST31000340SV 1TB (32MB Cache) (4/8)

DB35.3 (7200RPM, ATA-100 interface)

ST3400820ACE 400GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)

DB35.3 (7200RPM, SATA-300 interface)

ST3400820SCE 400GB (8MB Cache) (2/4)

DB35.4 (7200RPM, 8MB cache, SATA-300 interface)

ST3250310CS 250GB (1/2)

500GB/platter Section (all drives under here use platters that can hold 500GB of data apiece.)

SV35.5 (7200RPM)

ST3250311SV (8MB Cache) (SATA-300 interface) 250GB (1/1)
ST3500410SV (16MB Cache) (SATA-300 interface) 500GB (1/2)
ST3500411SV (16MB Cache) (SATA-600 interface) 500GB (1/2)
ST31000525SV (32MB Cache) (SATA-300 interface) 1TB (2/4)
ST31000526SV (32MB Cache) (SATA-600 interface) 1TB (2/4)

Pipeline HD.2 (5900RPM, SATA-300 interface)

ST3160316CS 160GB (8MB cache) (1/1)
ST3250312CS 250GB (8MB cache) (1/1)
ST3250412CS 250GB (16MB cache) (1/1)
ST3320311CS 320GB (8MB cache) (1/2)
ST3320413CS 320GB (16MB cache) (1/2)
ST3500312CS 500GB (8MB cache) (1/2)
ST3500414CS 500GB (16MB cache) (1/2)
ST31000322CS 1TB (8MB cache) (2/4)
ST31000424CS 1TB (16MB cache) (2/4)

Pipeline HD (5900RPM, 64MB cache, SATA-300 interface)

ST1500VM002 1.5TB (3/6)

600-667GB/platter Section (all drives under here use platters that can hold 600-667GB of data apiece.)

SV35 (5900RPM, 64MB cache, SATA-300 interface)

ST2000VX002 2TB (3/6)

Pipeline HD (5900RPM, 64MB cache, SATA-300 interface)

ST2000VM002 2TB (3/6)

1TB/platter Section (all drives under here use platters that can hold 1TB of data apiece.)

SV35.6/Surveillance HDD (7200RPM, 64MB cache, SATA-600 interface)

ST1000VX000 1TB (1/2)
ST2000VX000 2TB (2/4) or (3/?)*
ST3000VX000 3TB (3/6)
*Like the Barracuda ST2000DM001, there appear to be multiple head/platter configurations of the ST2000VX000 out in the wild, all under the same model number. It's unclear how many heads and what platter density the three-platter versions employ. Buyer beware.

Surveillance HDD (7200RPM, 64MB cache, SATA-600 interface)

ST3000VX002 3TB (3/6)
ST4000VX000 4TB (4/8)

Pipeline HD/Video 3.5 HDD (5900RPM, 64MB cache, SATA-600 interface)

ST1000VM002 1TB (1/2)
ST2000VM003 2TB (2/4)
ST3000VM002 3TB (3/6)
ST4000VM000 4TB (4/8)

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